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Welcome to Florida Justice Transitions



    Success through Accountability

FLORIDA JUSTICE TRANSITIONS is an organization established to assist Ex-offenders with productive and responsible re-entry into society.

The program offers; Housing, Counseling, Mentoring, Agency Assistance and compliance assistance.

We deal with Local, State and Federal law enforcement on a daily basis. We are proud to say that to date we have a 0% recidivism rate. Although some residents 
have returned to prison on technical violations, Florida Justice Transitions has never had a resident reoffend.

We recognize that our residents are entering a world that is different than what they left. Our goal is to provide assistance and guidance that helps the
individual quickly adapt and thrive, as much as possible, in this new world.

Our program helps the resident plan a new life, devoid of bad behavior and poor lifestyle choices that allow them to achieve as much self-sufficiency as they
are capable of.

In order for this program to succeed, we need community involvement. This particularly includes family members of the offender.

Men and women, who have been assigned to this program directly by a judge, are monitored by the program staff as well as by the other offenders who reside
within the park adding another safety buffer as they police themselves.

We have several programs in effect here, including, but not limited to sex offender therapy classes with Mr. Don Sweeney, several times a week, N/A and A/A
classes, as well as a Twelve Step Program free to all, and a number of social events that assist in promoting healthy lifestyles. Bible study classes for
those interested are available for all faiths.

Men who are released through “CIVIL COMMITMENT” contracts are made aware that they are under very close watch by the program staff, and local city and
county authorities.

We maintain the state’s Zero Tolerance Rule. Deviation from their contracts or probation will not be tolerated, and will be reported immediately to
authorities and this may result in a violation of said person and possible arrest.

This program is designed to aid the resident’s transition to society and not as a permanent residence. However, because of the success of the program and the 
security of the park, many of our members have chosen to linger on with our blessings. Our sole purpose and goal is to effectively and positively assist them
with re-entry into the community. For this, the men and women successfully completing our program have a significantly low rate of recidivism.

We have strict criteria for acceptance.  We are a non-violent and drug free community. For the offender that wishes to do something about their life,
we are here to help. The first step in that process is finding the right environment to prepare yourself.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our program, acceptance criteria, costs or anything else we can help with.